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I need one amazing, extraordinary man from...the World)! I am sure you will be delighted with our acquaintance because I'm a woman who is not just look very chic, smart,stylish and intelligent and educated, but has that amazing power of real women who can make a great and happy man who is worthy by now! So, pls., if you are interested in getting to know such a woman for a life together, I ask you to write me a few words and we will be able to send detailed and specific information about us and photos to each other! Best regards,Regina !

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Attention!!! Dear men , I ask you, "pseudo-businessmen" in awkward jackets, terrible ties and short socks, who are photographed by the same cheap, second-rate agency - DO NOT WRITE ME !!! I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU!!! YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING IN GENERAL WITH A BIG BUSINESS OR ELEGANCE OF A REALLY RESPECTIVE MEN !!! Do not write those who do not care what his woman looks like, the so-called "ordinary men" = I AM NOT FOR YOU! Yes. yes and 1000 yes(!!!) - it's MY REAL PHOTOS and NOW in my 50 years I look at 35years really!
I am a real and native Ukrainian beauty and not just this !!!
I repeat once more and ask to read my appeal realizing about I'm a...REAL...shark))) Guys, men, I beg you - do not flatter yourself !!))) I NEED THE REAL MILLIONAIRE and NOT LESS because I'M NOT SIMPLE PERSON and WOMAN MOREOVER!!! I strongly warn you: who will not read my profile about who I need and He will not correspond to this APRIORI, but will "litter the air" with his messages - He will be blocked!