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Возраст: 30
Регион: Харьковская обл., Первомайский район, пос.Правда
Была: 12 января 2018г. в 19:45
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с мужчиной


  • романтические отношения, любовь
  • создание семьи
  • рождение и воспитание ребёнка
  • флирт, интимные отношения
  • совместный отдых, путешествие

Желаемый возраст

от 35 до 70 лет


The man I am looking for, should not be a prince with castles. It should be a man, about whom I will feel that spark in my heart, with whom i will feel that my life is getting to be brighter. So if we will feel that mutual feelings and mutual attraction, then it will not matter if we have some culture, language, or age differences between us. I just wish to find a man whom I could give my love, and who will share his love with me.

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в арендованной квартире

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высшее, младший специалист

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  • Русский
  • Английский



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не употребляю вообще

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не курю вообще

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О себе

I suppose if i will start to describe myself here, it will be quite similar to all other women on this website. I am just sincere ordinary woman, who as usual life, work, family, friends. But I miss man in my life, and it is the reason why I decided to try to register on this website to search for a man. I think i can write one million of words more about me, like i am positive, sociable, affectionate woman, I have sense of humor etc.. But i think one million of words here will not help to know me enough. So i think that it is necessary to communicate in person to understand if we match.